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Our Accommodations

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Our Approach

We work in partnership with key stakeholders to secure accommodation on a bespoke basis for young people, including the local police, council safeguarding teams and housing providers. Our Head of Risk and Audit carries out a detailed assessment of a potential property to ascertain suitability. This includes:

  • Proximity to transport and amenities

  • CCTV facilities in operation

  • Local demographics – crime rates, gangs, etc to determine the safety of the area

  • Gang activity and anti-social behaviour incidents recorded within the area

  • Environmental factors including pollution and noise

  • Arcades, cafes, public parks, car parks and budget hotels

A Homely Enviroment

ABC’s accommodations are decorated in order to replicate a homely environment. In such, providing soft furnishings, pictures, books and rear garden space. Where practical, ABC encourages young people to view their placement. Prior to moving, any requests/wishes/feelings of the young person are taken into account. YPs are encouraged to personalize their living space .ABC aims to provide accommodation that exceeds minimum space requirements in order to ensure young people are made to feel at home and have sufficient living space. YPs are given keys to access their rooms and are allocated their own personal space in the kitchen area to store food, which is secure.
ABC aims to provide care to emulate the culture and values of excellent homes, so that every accommodation is aiming high and achieving the best for the children they care for.


Secure and Safe

All of ABC’s accommodations comply with the following legislation/certification:

The Housing Act, Public Health Act, Fire Precautions Act 1971,Furniture and Furnishings Fire Safety Regulations, GAS safe, NICEIC and Fire Alarm certification HMO Regulation (where applicable)

ABC protocols and procedures ensure monthly fire alarm/drills are carried out, along with safety equipment, healthy and safety, inventory and medical equipment checks. Maintenance programs and risk assessments are routinely carried out and documented.

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